The 1799 Society recognizes and honors donors who have included Georgetown Visitation in their financial and/or estate plans. Visitation welcomes planned gifts in the form of Bequests, Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts, as well as various assets like stocks, retirement assets, life insurance, and more.

Members of The 1799 Society are committed to action in supporting Georgetown Visitation’s mission to empower students to meet the demands and challenges of today’s rapidly changing and morally complex world.

All alumnae, parents, and friends who make a bequest or any other type of planned gift to Visitation are automatically entitled to membership in the 1799 Society and in The President’s Council and are invited to an annual major donor event. In addition, they receive special recognition and thanks for their thoughtful, generous, long-range support of Georgetown Visitation.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to all those who through their careful planning and generosity have ensured Visitation’s future.

The 1799 Society

The 1799 Society is comprised of generous and loyal community members who have made a long-term commitment to supporting Visitation through a planned gift and have notified the Development Office of this intent.  Planned gifts can take the form of a bequest, charitable trust, or other long-range donation.  1799 Society members receive special recognition and are invited to a President’s Council event each year.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Alper          
Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Andrews '43 & '45
Mrs. Muffie Potter Aston '77 
Ms. Megan M. Barnett '99     
Ms. Charla E. Bolton '62       
Mrs. Anne Phelan Boyer '55   
Mrs. Madeleine Marcouyex Brown '65
Ms. Paula K. Canny '73
Ms. Charlotte M. Casgrain ’58+
Mr. and Mrs. Rory S. Coakley 
Nancy Keegan '78                   
Mrs. Mary Catherine McCarthy Colby '54 & '56
Mrs. May Sheridan Coons JC '47
Mrs. Stephanie Whalen Cosgrove '64 
Ms. M. Virginia Daly '63         
Mrs. Clare McCarthy Davis '53
Ms. Emily C. Donahue '53
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Donatelli
Ann Kirlin JC '56
Mrs. Susan Mentz Donnell '46
Mr. Thomas F. Donohoe
Mrs. Jean Donohoe                 
Ms. Mary R. Dreelin JC '58
Ms. Sarah A. Duque JC '49
Mrs. Carlotta Johnston Fendig +
Mrs. Eileen Langevin Fitzgerald '75   
Ms. Irene M. Flannery '75
Mrs. Madeline Shriver Franklin
Mrs. Mary Pat Shea Gaffney '54 
Marea Burke Gardner JC ‘40+
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Garnes    
Mrs. Jean Connors Glose JC '48
Ms. Susan E. Hannan '61 & '63
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Harris 
Ms. Barbara A. Hayden JC '64

Mrs. Victoria Richardson Heland '65 
Mrs. Anne Caussin Henninger '71 
Ms. Anita M. Herrera '75       
Ms. Mary T. Heveran '45
Mrs. Katherine Ann Hoffar ‘40+
Mr. John Hubard*                 
Mrs. M. Lesesne Deerin Hudson'65   
Mrs. Janice Lane Hunt '48     
Ms. Kathleen Hurley '66         
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ippolito
Diane Tilson '62           
Mrs. Maura McKenna Ittner '75 
Ms. Barbara Jones '58
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Keefe 
Dr. Adrianne P. Kelly '71       
Ms. Sharon A. Klein JC '65
Mrs. Patricia Patno Kundtz JC '49
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Lacovara '85 
Mr. and Mrs.* Philip Lacovara 
Mrs. Mary Kay Sands Landis '47+
Mrs. Joan Conner Lee '55       
Mrs. Lee Leonhardy               
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Lucey
Ms. Louise Lynch+                 
Mrs. Nancy Straub MacInnis '47         
Mrs. Jennifer Maloney MacLennan '88
Mrs. Marilyn C. MacMillan '67+ 
Mrs. Carol A. Macpeak           
Ms. Barbara A. McBride '73   
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McDonnell, Jr. 
Mrs. Virginia Donohoe McHugh'61   
Ms. Michelle M. McKenna '60
Mrs. Patricia Wohlgemuth Meagher '45+ 
Mr+. and Mrs. James H. Molloy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Moran 
Mrs. Mary Frances Moriarty 
Mrs. Marie Louise Murray Moriarty '81 

Mrs. Kerry McDonnell Mudd '82       
Mrs. Molly Murray Nalls          '81     
Ms. Diane Tarantino North '62 
Ms. Margaret A. O'Brien JC '53
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Perito 
Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace Redmond '54
Mrs. Helen Field-McNally Richards JC '55
Mrs. Ann Bigley Robertson '70 
Ms. Patricia Rubacky '73       
Mrs. Mary Grove Rupp '54     
Mrs. Lillian Samouce Russell JC '60
Mrs. Judith Rush Ryan '63      
Mrs. Katherine Moon Sargeant JC '51
Mrs. M. Patricia Shevlin Scanlon JC '49
Ms. Mary R. Scott '85
Mrs. Margaret Mary Schanno Skapek '80
Ms. Laura Van Evera Shimmons '60   
Mrs. Vera Wunsch Stirling-Jurewicz '58
Mrs. Jaynie Miller Studenmund '72     
Ms. Nathalie Bergin Sullivan* '71       
Ms. Patricia M. Sweeney '89   
Mrs. Nancy B. Tanner           
Mrs. Judith Brissettee Taylor JC '62
Ms. M. Theresa Gaffney Testoni '81
Mrs. Bernice Thomason ’38 & ‘40
Ms. Carmel Clay Thompson '58
Mrs. Mary B. Ulbrich ’54+     
Mrs. Dorothy Fitzpatrick Van Alstyne JC '62
Mrs. Kathryn Tappan Vengazo '62     
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Viera                 
Mrs. Patricia Aloi Warnken JC '63
Mrs. Mary Langmuir Wright JC '55
Mrs. Cynthia Hahn Yothers '60
Mr. Arthur S. Zamanakos       

* Current or former faculty/staff
+ Deceased

To learn more about the 1799 Society and how planned giving can help ensure that your estate is settled in accordance with your wishes, please contact